• Visual Management/Visual Factory including capacity improvement

    Visual Management/Visual Factory including capacity improvement

    ½ day, £300

    When you walk into your work area can you immediately understand how the area is performing and are targets...

  • Practical Problem Solving

    Practical Problem Solving

    1 day, £400

    Practical Problem Solving (PPS) is a key part of a Lean Practitioners tool kit. Using a structured ‘Funnel’ approach...

  • 5S


    ½ day, £300

    5S engages people through the use of standards and discipline. It is a systematic and methodical approach allowing teams...

  • Standardised Work

    Standardised Work

    2 days, £800

    Delegates will begin by understanding the definition of Standardised work, and through a series of practical exercises begin to...

  • Quality Systems

    Quality Systems

    1 day, £400

    What is a Quality operating system? A collection of business practices focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing...

  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance

    TPM – Total Productive Maintenance

    1 day, £400

    TPM is an important tool designed to reduce the number of breakdowns for equipment. Carried out by either maintenance...

  • Introduction to Lean

    Introduction to Lean

    ½ day, £300

    This programme has been developed to stimulate and support the skills of the current supervisor/manager. The course will provide...

  • Time Management

    Time Management

    1 day, £190

    This introduction to training management, implementation and delivery will help you to understand the different techniques applied within a...

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Problem Solving & Decision Making

    1 day, £190

    This course will introduce you to problem solving and the importance of decision making within companies. You will learn...

  • Lean


    1 day, £190

    An introduction to the fundamental principles of lean manufacturing. This course will will help you to understand the structure...

  • Control of Quality in the Workplace

    Control of Quality in the Workplace

    1 day, £190

    This course provides an introduction to the necessary processes and measures to ensure the manufacture of a high quality...