Quality Systems

1 day, £400

Various dates available – email for details

What is a Quality operating system?

A collection of business practices focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their customer satisfaction. It is aligned with an organisation’s purpose and strategic direction for the company.

What is the effect on the company of a poor quality product?

CLS will deliver the required elements so learners have an understanding of the processes required to attain the target of ‘Built in Quality’

Delegates will go through our 11 key steps to developing a Quality Operating System;

  • Establishing a standard
  • Maintaining the standard
  • Establishing the company quality KPI, S
  • Establish ranking system
  • Defect handling system – What to do in the event of
  • Document Standards
  • Incorporate into standardised work
  • Train
  • Confirm
  • Create traceability
  • Go and See