ECMS & Midland Adaptive Boxing Organisation Partnership


ECMS and Midland Adaptive Boxing Organisation Team Up to Revitalise the Engineering Sector and Transform Lives

In a move that promises substantial social impact, the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS) has established a promising partnership with the Midland Adaptive Boxing Organisation. This collaboration offers an expansive platform that aims to introduce fresh talent into the engineering sector. At the same time, it creates life-changing opportunities for young individuals.

Operating out of Darlaston Town Hall, the Midlands Adaptive Boxing Organisation has been a force for good since its establishment in 2021. The organisation serves as a hub of empowerment and community building for young people who have limited or no access to traditional gym facilities, whether they're dealing with the unfortunate circumstances of bullying, vulnerability, or behavioural challenges, the organisation provides specially tailored programmes that aim to elevate self-confidence, enhance self-awareness, and strengthen social skills.

The ECMS is offering training through our Foundry Awareness Course an educational module designed to present participants to the world of engineering. By participating in this comprehensive course, learners not only gain a foundational understanding of engineering principles but also receive keen insights into the challenges and rewarding opportunities that the industry offers. This equips them with the necessary knowledge and confidence to make informed choices about their future.

But the contributions of ECMS extend well beyond the scope of the Foundry Awareness Course. One of the partnership's standout features is the robust post-course support system aimed at transforming educational gains into real-world opportunities. Participants receive assistance in crafting professional CVs, which then gain exposure through the vast ECMS network.

The collaborative venture between ECMS and the Midland Adaptive Boxing Organisation is shaping a new, brighter future for both young individuals and the engineering sector as a whole. The undertaking is not just about equipping the next generation with technical skills; it's about instilling them with a sense of purpose, direction, and empowerment. A hearty cheers to what lies ahead!

Author: Victoria Baylis