From Knives to Medals: Casting Symbols of Hope in the Black Country


In a groundbreaking initiative a collaborative effort is underway in the Black Country.

The project brings together a group of professionals: Michael McLean, Dele Adebola of Strike 9 Training, Georgina Johnstone from the West Midlands Police (WMP), Kevin Shoemake from the Birmingham Football Association and Colin Whorton from the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS). Colin from the ECMS was approached around six months ago with a visionary proposal: transform handed in knives into sports medals.

The concept is as novel as it is noble. Knives handed over to the police are melted down and cast into sports medals, serving as tangible reminders of the change that can be realised through collective action. The purpose of these medals isn't merely ornamental; they bear the poignant inscription 'Cast from Knives to Symbols of Hope,' amplifying their significance.

The Process

With the pattern equipment made, Chris Allot has been enlisted to conduct the steel melt, scheduled for the forthcoming Monday. Chris has years of experience in Manufacturing and Engineering and his expertise is pivotal in ensuring the transformation of these dangerous objects into symbols of unity and hope.


A Brighter Tomorrow

The anticipation surrounding this initiative and expectations are high for the day these medals will be handed out at sporting events across the Black Country and potentially beyond. In a society grappling with the repercussions of knife crime, these medals serve as beacons of hope and exemplars of community spirit.

By turning weapons of harm into symbols of achievement and unity, this innovative project highlights the transformative power of collaboration and vision. As the medals find their way around the necks of athletes, they will undoubtedly inspire a new generation to turn away from violence and strive for excellence.

Author: Victoria Bayliss