SIZZLL's Innovative Journey


In the ever-evolving field of culinary inventions, Rupert Scott, the owner of SIZZLL, developed an idea – the 'Sausage Pan'. This steel pressed cookware, meticulously crafted to revolutionise the cooking of sausages by ensuring stability and reducing fat contact, epitomised Rupert's inventive flair. However, the path to innovation is often a winding one, requiring adaptability and insight.

After a thorough market study, it was realised that cast iron cookware sells more quickly, lasts longer and can cook better than a pressed steel pan.

The ECMS Involvement

The Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills (ECMS), funded by the Local Enterprise Partnership, plays a crucial role in supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Tasked with providing non-profit assistance to SMEs, ECMS's commitment to this project was instrumental.

Using Rupert's original design, ECMS embarked on creating a pattern to cast the pan in iron.

This collaboration culminated in the casting of three iron pans – one for marketing endeavours and two for extensive cooking trials. This shift to cast iron not only elevated the product's market appeal but also demonstrated a deep understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Rupert's response to the final product was overwhelmingly positive. The successful transformation of his concept into a market-friendly variant, without initial financial strain on design, tooling, and production, marked a significant victory. His commitment to future collaborations with ECMS signifies the project's triumph and the mutual respect and trust established during this venture.



Author: Victoria Bayliss